Do You Need to Get Your Gutters Cleaned?

If you live in Perth, you know that your gutters can get clogged with all sorts of gunk, and that cleaning a gutter can be a major, if not dangerous, task. The last thing you want to have happen is to get on a ladder and fall off of it while cleaning your gutters.

Go to a Professional Cleaner and Play it Safe

Instead of taking on this type of task, why not have professional gutter cleaners in Perth handle the task for you? Cleaners who clean gutters can clean the gutters and roof and even your solar panels. You can also take advantage of high-pressure cleaning if you wish. If your building requires it, cherry pickers will be provided.

Does Your Roof Feature Solar Panels?

If you have solar panels, you can better optimise their output if you have them regularly cleaned, along with your roof and gutters. Because power prices continue to rise, you want to make sure your panels are clean so they produce the most electricity possible.

A Rain Shower Will Not Clean Solar Panels

Don’t fall under the mistaken belief that a heavy rain will clean your panels. It will not clean them. Rain showers hold very small minerals, which build up a residue on the panels. In turn, the surface will look clouded and dirty. Also, debris may fall on the panels, especially if they are sitting close to a tree.

Dirty Solar Panels Do Not Produce Much Power

A gutter cleaning service that also cleans solar panels will clean the panels professionally so the manufacturer’s guarantee is not voided. The cleaning will be done so the panels remain scratch-free and sparkling. You should have this type of cleaning done regularly, as research shows that a solar panel, when dirty, produces as much as 75% less power than when it is clean. Therefore, you should have the panels cleaned whenever you need the gutters cleaned out as well.

Use a Company That Has All the Right Tools

It does not matter where the panels are located. They can be safely cleaned by a professional in the field. You can even have the panels cleaned in hazardous worksites, including high roofs. Extendable tools are used by cleaners so the panels, gutters, and roof can be accessed with ease.

Keep Your Roof, Gutters, and Solar Panels in Good Condition

If you want to make sure your roof and gutters stay clean and operational, as well as your solar panels, you need to contact a company that handles all three types of cleaning. Go to one source for all these maintenance tasks so you can stay on top of this type of preventative building maintenance. The best way to keep a gutter, roof, or solar panel from deteriorating too quickly is to keep it clean. Know who to call to keep your building intact.