EPDM Rubber – A Perfect Roofing Solution for Low Slope Roofs

EPDM rubber in roofing systems is a well-liked choice of flat-roof material more than four decades and its likely most likely probably the most broadly used roofing solution for low-slope application on commercial and residential building. It’s a quite simplistic yet durable roofing system – only one ply-rubber sheet that merely adheres with adhesive.

EPDM in rubber roofing

Modern EPDM roofing will be rolls getting a factory applied adhesive somewhere. The factory applied tape is laid towards the primed overlap then folded with some pressure. The resulting seam is robust, flawlessly straight, and improbable to fail. Even though, this type of sealant was applied inside initially, it’s now common for outdoors usage too. In comparison to other flat-roofing materials, EPDM isn’t just more flexible, nevertheless it shows a very high resistance against the elements additionally to physical stress. Because of several positive aspects, EPDM rubber in roofing might be easily considered becoming an ideal solution for RVs, residences, commercial structures and even more. Typically, EPDM roof membranes are available in black or white-colored-colored, although additional colours for instance tan might be acquired in the handful of manufacturers.

Understanding EPDM rubber

Every time the temperature increases or drops lower, rubber roof moves just a little. However, with regards to EPDM Liquid rubber, this will not be considered a problem. The material is produced in a manner that it might easily extend even around 3 occasions its usual length, that makes it the best solution for every building. Though it may be flexible enough to setup around pipes, gutter and skylights, it will not crack from severe dryness and moisture. EPDM enables vapors and also heat to leave within the building without allowing water, heat or any other elements inside.

Benefits of EPDM Rubber in Roofing

• EPDM rubber membranes are totally flexible this will let you existence duration of minimum fifty years

• EPDM roofs are extremely resistance against Ultra crimson and infra-sore point, without necessity for more area protection.

• EPDM roofs offer outstanding capacity the negative impacts of weather, chemicals and intense industrial pollutants.

• EPDM rubber roofs are actually resistance against cold, heat, ozone additionally to ageing.

• EPDM does not emit any toxic emissions in situation connected having a fire as well as the roof membrane is wonderful for thermal recycling too.

• EPDM is extremely elastic, with no shrinking or dimensional change greater than a temperature vary from – 70 to 120 Degree Centigrade.

• EPDM is called an eco-friendly treatment for standard methods.

• EPDM is energy-efficient and could save lots of cash on bills.


Even though EPDM rubber roofing does not need a lot of maintenance whatsoever, there are specific things you might want to consider if you have a particular roof top. For instance, it’s recommended to judge houses roof every 3 several days additionally to repair it, because plenty of debris gathering about it might cause damages for the roof. In comparison to configuring it re-laid each year, ensure that is stays up once every 3 several days is clearly a better option to look at. A specialist roof installation and maintenance company will get all your EPDM roof jobs done immediately.


EPDM roofs are available in rolls, and that means you just lay the roll reduced your homes roof to correctly set it up. Naturally, the shape in the roof will directly influence mobile phone process, that makes it shorter, longer, simple or possibly a little complex. As you possibly can find this type of roofing available in large sheets, it is possible to cover the top, no matter its size. This means there is not any joins that may fail. Even flat-roofs that are glued exceeding one items of rubber might be grew to become part of together to provide a completely reliable cover.